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Title Speaker Date Downloads
Paul's Prayer for the Phillipian Church Simon Bibby 23/6/2019
God's Amazing Vision David Preston 16/6/2019
Romans ch 14 John Bardesley 2/6/2019
Our Righteousness - 1Cor 5 v 21 Ray Hockley 26/5/2019
Putting God First Rob Merrells 19/5/2019
Ephesians 5 v 25-30 Alex Smilovitis 12/5/2019
The Pride of Life - John 3 v 16-21 Rob Merrells 5/5/2019
God's freedom - True freedom Gray Blattman 28/4/2019
The Victory of the Cross Rob Merrells 21/4/2019
Good Friday Service-Part 1 Rob Merrells 19/4/2019
Good Friday Service-Part 2 Rob Merrells 19/4/2019
Testimony - Michelle Davis (by permission) Michelle Davis 14/4/2019
The New Birth Rob Merrells 7/4/2019
Jesus the Discerner Rob Merrells 31/3/2019
Paul's Prayer for the Ephesians Simon Bibby 24/3/2019
Religion vs Faith Rob Merrells 17/3/2019
Water into Wine Rob Merrells 3/3/2019
The Church under Attack Lachlan Dunjey 24/2/2019
Warfare Rob Merrells 17/2/2019
Jonah Brian Goodchild 10/2/2019
Mission Mexico Shelley Chapman 3/2/2019
Testimony - Ursula Panzau (by permission) Ursula Panzau 27/1/2019
John Chapter 1 Rob Merrells 20/1/2019
John Chapter 3 Alex Smilovitis 13/1/2019
John's Gospel - Warfare Rob Merrells 6/1/2019
Times of Transition Alex Smilovitis 23/12/2018
The Height of God's Love - Worship Rob Merrells 2/12/2018
Incredible Generosity Gray Blattmann 25/11/2018
Wisdom and Warfare Rob Merrells 18/11/2018
Revelation 1 v 1-9 Rudolf van Noppen 28/10/2018
In His Presence Ray Hockley 21/10/2018
Blessing of Giving without Expecting Bishop Michael 14/10/2018
Ephesians Rob Merrells 7/10/2018
Eph 3 Rob Merrells 30/9/2018
Bought Slave Dwight Randall 23/9/2018
Celebration Service Rob Merrells 16/9/2018
TBA Rob Merrells 9/9/2018
Armour of God Eph 6 13-18 Rob Merrells 19/8/2018
Peace Geoff Hall 12/8/2018
Warfare Rob Merrells 5/8/2018
Exodus Ch 17 Alex Smilovitis 22/7/2018
Eph 6 Marriage Rob Merrells 15/7/2018
Slaves Rob Merrells 8/7/2018
Eph 6 Children and Fathers Rob Merrells 1/7/2018
Walk in Wisdom Rob Merrells 3/6/2018
Sermon 27 May 2018 Gray Blattmann 27/5/2018
Sermon Rob Merrells 7/1/2018
A Bride Readys Herself David Caton 27/12/2015
Christmas Message Ray Hockley 25/12/2015
The Word Became Flesh Rob Merrells 20/12/2015
Sacred Service John Bardsley 13/12/2015
The Living Sacrifice Rob Merrells 6/12/2015
The Splinters of Life Rob Furlong 29/11/2015
Comparision Steven Francis 22/11/2015
Don't Fear the Rabshacker or The Things Thereafter Rob Furlong 15/11/2015
Twas Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear Rob Merrells 8/11/2015
Handling God's Provision Phil Bryant 25/10/2015
Eternal Punishment or Heaven James Ward 18/10/2015
Decision Making Phil Bryant 11/10/2015
Looking to the Saviour Ivan Hunter 4/10/2015
Assurance James Ward 27/9/2015
Read The Word Clive Haydon 20/9/2015
In These Troubled Times... Rob Merrells 13/9/2015
God Highly Exalted Him John Bardsley 6/9/2015
How To Pray Ash Mosley 30/8/2015
Living as Resurrection People Rob Furlong 23/8/2015
God Has a Plan Rob Merrells 18/8/2015
Come to Jesus...find rest for your soul. James Ward 9/8/2015
Praying With Purpose Carl Carmody 2/8/2015
Criticism John Bardsley 26/7/2015
The Gospel Ray Hockley 19/7/2015
God Will Finish What He Began John Bardsley 12/7/2015
Myths & Ghost Busters Phil Bryant 5/7/2015
Our Faithful God Peter Warren 28/6/2015
The Principle and Practise of Bearing One Another's Burdens Bishop Michael 21/6/2015
Walking in Another Persons Shoes Rob Furlong 14/6/2015
Envy Phil Bryant 7/6/2015
Five Ways to Treat the Good News John Bardsley 31/5/2015
The Word of God Ray Hockley 17/5/2015
The Bride Has Made Herself Ready Rob Merrells 10/5/2015
To Know the Love of Christ Rob Merrells 3/5/2015
Sunset Road to Morning Dawn James Ward 26/4/2015
The Parts of the Body of Christ Peter Warren 19/4/2015
Easter Message Ivan Hunter 5/4/2015
Who and what is Jesus to you? James Ward 22/3/2015
Reaching the Lost Ray Hockley 15/3/2015
Taking the Gospel to the World Peter Warren 8/3/2015
Jesus- Heavenly remedy for troubled times James Ward 1/3/2015
Multiplication John Bardsley 22/2/2015
Nehemiah John Bardsley 15/2/2015
The Boss Principle John Bardsley 8/2/2015
Restoration Brad Middleton 1/2/2015
The Church is like... Rod Holmes 25/1/2015
The Two Responses Ivan Hunter 18/1/2015
Reflections on the Glory of God Ray Hockley 11/1/2015
Abraham's Faith Ivan Hunter 5/1/2015
Taking Stock James Booth 28/12/2014
Christmas Message Ray Hockley 25/12/2014
Taking the land Jim Dawson 14/12/2014
Pictures of Jesus Rod Holmes 7/12/2014
Coming and going Rod Holmes 30/11/2014
Celebration Rod Holmes 23/11/2014
Suffering as a believer in Jesus Rod Holmes 16/11/2014
Being Priests Rod Holmes 9/11/2014
Barnabas Fund Rudolf van Noppen 26/10/2014
Jesus is the Great High Priest ( Hebrews 3-9) Rod Holmes 19/10/2014
60 years of Wycliffe Harley & Marj Beck 5/10/2014
Guidance part 2 Rod Holmes 28/9/2014
Guidance part 1 Rod Holmes 21/9/2014
Intercessory prayer (part 2) Daniel 9:1-19 Rod Holmes 31/8/2014
Thanksgiving - having an attitude of gratitude ( 1 Thess 5:18) Ray Hockley 17/8/2014
Truth and Unity ( part 1) Acts 15 - The council at Jerusalem Rod Holmes 10/8/2014
Jesus is coming back in glory! Rod Holmes 3/8/2014
The appointment of Elders(Truths under biblical tension ) Acts 14:23 Rod Holmes 27/7/2014
We must undergo many hardships ( Acts 14:22) Rod Holmes 20/7/2014
Signs and Wonders ( Acts 14:3) Rod Holmes 13/7/2014
They refused to believe the truth ( Acts 14:1-3) Rod Holmes 6/7/2014
God is at work in Africa ( Education in Kenya) Bishop M Masule 29/6/2014
Overcoming opposition to the entrance of the Word of God ( " child of salvation or son of the devil?") Acts 13:4-12 Rod Holmes 15/6/2014
"Set apart by the Holy Spirit" ( Saul and Barnabas are commissioned by the church) Acts 13:1-4 Rod Holmes 8/6/2014
"Surviving the times of testing" a word of challenge from Zambia (Psalm 46:10) Mary Zambezi 1/6/2014
"One lives and one dies" Acts 12:1-19 Rod Holmes 25/5/2014
God is light and in him there is no darkness ( 1 John 1:5-10) Rod Holmes 18/5/2014
Mother's Day (What is God's family like?) Rod Holmes 11/5/2014
The self revelation of God through Jesus the Word ( 1 John 1:1-4) Rod Holmes 4/5/2014
Easter Sunday 2014 Rod Holmes 20/4/2014
Good Friday 2014 Rod Holmes 18/4/2014
Palm Sunday 2014 Rod Holmes 13/4/2014
"Lord if you had been here..." When God delays. John 11:1-44 Rod Holmes 6/4/2014
Peter and Cornelius ( The Gentile Pentecost) Acts 10,11 Rod Holmes 30/3/2014
Peter in Lydda and Joppa( Truth and power come together) Acts 9: 32-43 Rod Holmes 23/3/2014
The impact of the Revelation ( What happened after Damascus?) Acts 9:20-31 Rod Holmes 16/3/2014
Christ among India's untouchables Steve Dennis 9/3/2014
Zephaniah 3:17 ( He will rejoice over you) or " God is so much for you!" Rod Holmes 23/2/2014
Saul on the road to Damascus( Conversion and calling) Acts 9:1-19 Rod Holmes 16/2/2014
TBA Rod Holmes 9/2/2014
TBA Rod Holmes 26/1/2014
God is moving in the Philippines Ross Burton 19/1/2014
TBA Rod Holmes 29/12/2013
TBA Rod Holmes 22/12/2013
TBA Rod Holmes 15/12/2013
Testimony to the grace and power of Jesus Christ Tracey Buckley 8/12/2013
Peter's shadow ( Acts 5:12-16) Rod Holmes 22/9/2013
Peter preaches at Pentecost ( Acts 2) Rod Holmes 7/7/2013
True Fasting ( Isaiah 58) Rod Holmes 2/6/2013
TBA Ray Hockley 12/1/2013